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Xiaomi Air purifier SET adapter from TheFlamingo on Tindie

(1 months ago) If you order a xiaomi modchip together with this adapter you get a four dollar discount :) see modchip product. After installation you can test the response of the air purifier by holding a lighter behind the sensor and watch the PPM go up. If the PPM return to 001 after that it means you have very clean air :) Compatibility list:


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Soil moisture measurement device | Hackaday.io

(3 days ago) This is not an intricate, but a simple and cheap soil moisture measurement device showing a double-digit value on two 7-Segment-Displays. A sensor (either resistive ME-110 or capacitive HW-390) evaluates the soil moisture, the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller converts the sensor signal into a 16bit digital value. Excluding the Pico and the sensor, the material costs can be as low as 2€ (I ...


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Step Down DC DC | Hackaday.io

(2 months ago) Before finalizing your order you can use the promotional code JLC-REBE to get a discount and then click pay. Final Considerations. If you want more detailed information you can check my video on my channel. IF you liked the video and the project don't forget to leave your LIKE and leave me a comment. Step Down DC DC project vídeo


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Sitemap - MikroElektronika

(4 days ago) Learn Once, Code Anywhere - mikroSDK 2.0 Necto Studio Update 1.3.0 ... Tindie adds new boards with the mikroBUS™ socket 20% off on all Programmers & Debuggers ... 42% discount on 4-20 mA T click and 4-20 mA R click Tell your kids the micro:bit click adapter is here!


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Arduino MEGA Shield - RAMPS - DomoticX Knowledge Center

(2 days ago) Second, most boards use 25v or 35v aluminum electrolytic capactors (C2, C3, C4, C6, C7, C9, and C10). To be safe, you should only go to half of your rated maximum voltage — thus if your board has 35v capacitors (code VZA) then you should use a maximum input of 17.5v.


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There’s Not A Cassingle Thing Missing From This Cassette ...

(1 months ago) For [ke4mcl], this whole cassette craze of late is not a new discovery so much as it is a personal nostalgia machine. Since [ke4mcl] sees a lot of basic questions go unanswered, they made an incred…


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STM32 Clones: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly | Hackaday

(11 days ago) Thanks for linking to my site about the GD32.. I think the clones are in general compatible but the nitty gritty is in the details of the chips with unknown errors (or features ;)) Prolly good ...


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Nanovna firmware download

(3 days ago) NanoVNA firmware is updated fairly often, so this is a good reference guide for those who want to test the latest code as updating the firmware is a multi-step process. NanoVNA では測定対象の周波数帯域の 101 点を対象に、反射係数・伝送係数を測定します。 NanoVNA の局発周波数は 50kHz から 300MHz です。


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Creality CR-6 issue list (including listing of motherboard ...

(2 days ago) Creality CR-6 issue list. This is an initiative to create an overview of the issues found with the Creality CR-6 SE. As of this writing (2020-09-19) the large number of the motherboard issues have not been publicly acknowledged.


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