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How to Raise Your Own Bait - Cheap Worms For Sale

Anyway, rabbit food is a great multivitamin for worms. If you don’t have rabbit food, go get some. There is no (affordable) substitute. Feed once a week. Wet the food down and mix with powdered lime for the best result. If it becomes moldy, scrape off the moldy portion and refeed. Be sure to cover your worm bin. I cannot stress the importance

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How to Feed Food Scraps to Worms

The only time feeding meat to your compost worms is acceptable is when you are dealing with black soldier fly larvae. As their name suggests, they are maggots and eventually turn into flies. If you are attempting to breed black solider fly larva and want to raise them, then by all means! Feed them meat.

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Q&A: Can You Put Worms in a Compost Tumbler? (Video+Text)

That compost should be cooking hot enough to scare off or kill any worms that take residence in it. HOWEVER, (pay attention this is important) worms will take up residence in the compost pile after it has stopped heating and has turned mostly to soil. That is because worms prefer pre-composted stuff and will refine it into worm castings

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Vermicomposting and Animal Waste: Our Research and Findings

Arsenic is used in chicken feed to ward off infection in such close, bacteria infested quarters, and it also helps turn the chicken into the nice meaty pink we all know and love (Kristof). The worms, sensing poison, again avoid the poultry manure like the plague.

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